Episode 8 “The Child-Snatching Blossom Monsters”

Join Kyle and Noah for a discussion on Riverdale Chapter 8 “The Outsiders”! Betty, Polly, and Veronica plan Polly’s baby shower as a means to bring the clashing Blossom and Cooper families together, while Archie, Jughead, Kevin, and Moose team up to help out Mr. Andrews when his construction crew bail. However as things go south, and Archie must delve into a den of scum to discover a dark truth. ALSO NANA ROSE IS A LICH! Feel free to send us an email, a tweet, or, even better, leave a review! Thanks for listening!

Jargie by Crazon

Maple Syrup, Blood Money – Episode 8 “The Child-Snatching Blossom Monsters”


One thought on “Episode 8 “The Child-Snatching Blossom Monsters”

  1. Oh that Jargie and his consumable human materials! Such whimsy!

    First of all, hell yes Weapon Brown. Somebody else knows it exists. I really am enjoying this podcast more than I am tempted to watch the show

    I also reached a point in the show where I realized as a non-avid reader, “who the hell was Midge in those comics?” Google has taught me that she is adorable


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