Episode 9 “Looking Extremely DILF-y Today”

After a short break Maple Syrup, Blood Money is back, and with a new logo! Noah and Kyle breakdown Chapter 9 of Riverdale, La Grande Illusion, where Archie must decide if selling out to the Blossom’s for his music is worth the cost, Veronica deals with the destruction and trauma caused by her father’s influence, and Betty and Jughead work to discover Polly’s motives and the dark secrets of Thornhill. Comments, emails, tweets, and reviews are more than welcome as always!

Also, Kyle has provided another RPG supplement: The Grunderbuss!

Plus! Polls! Cool Ranch VS Nacho Cheese! .gif VS .gif! Nana Rose’s Phylactery?

Maple Syrup, Blood Money – Episode 9 “Looking Extremely DILF-y Today”


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