Episode 15 Afterlife with Archie: Volume 1, featuring Review Cultist

Noah and Kyle sit down with friend and artist Review Cultist from Al Dente Rigamortis to talk about the first volume of Afterlife with Archie. Written by Riverdale creator Roberto Aquirre-Sacasa and drawn by artist Francesco Francavilla, Afterlife with Archie puts Archie and the gang into the epicenter of a zombie apocalypse, with Patient Zero being none other than Jughead himself!

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Kyle and Noah were on a recent episode to talk about the Raven Mocker!

Maple Syrup, Blood Money – Episode 15 Afterlife with Archie: Volume 1, featuring Review Cultist


Episode 14 Riverdale: A Year In Review, featuring The Mixed Six

Kyle and Noah are joined by the fine fellows of The Mixed Six podcast, Caleb and Spencer, to talk about Season 1 of Riverdale and their hopes and predictions for Season 2!

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You can also pre-order Caleb’s new tabletop RPG of economic horror: Red Markets. Available at: red-markets.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders

Maple Syrup, Blood Money – Episode 14 Riverdale: A Year In Review, featuring The Mixed Six

Episode 13 “Be Purified”

It all comes down to this, Riverdale, Chapter 13 “The Sweet Hereafter.” Kyle and Noah jump head long into the Season 1 finale in this extra length episode of Maple Syrup, Blood Money. With the discovery of who killed Jason Blossom, Riverdale is shaken to it’s core and Mayor McCoy, looking to save face, pushes forward with the town’s 75th anniversary jubilee, forcing Archie and Betty into the limelight. Meanwhile, Cheryl Blossom deals with the remnants of her shattered family, taking drastic measures in the process. Finally, Jughead is forced to a new school in the Southside of Riverdale, bringing with it new challenges and new allegiances.

As a side note, with Season 1 over MSBM will be slowing it’s upload schedule, though we have plenty more to come with guest episodes and discussion of the recent Archie Comics titles. Thank you so much for listening and sticking with us! Please feel free to comment below, email us, tweet at us, leave reviews and ratings, and share us with friends!

Maple Syrup, Blood Money – Episode 13 “Be Purified”

Episode 12 “You Did A Bad Thing, Daddy”

After some recording snafus it’s take 2 on Episode 12 of Maple Syrup, Blood Money! Noah and Kyle breakdown and discuss the penultimate chapter of Riverdale season 1, Anatomy of a Murder. With Jughead’s dad in custody, Archie and the gang search for evidence of his innocence, a shocking truth is exposed about the Blossom’s and Cooper’s blood feud, and the revelation of who killed Jason Blossom is brought to light!

Maple Syrup, Blood Money – Episode 12 “You Did A Bad Thing, Daddy”

Episode 11 “You All Need Tracking Devices”

Things are coming to a head in Riverdale as Kyle and Noah discuss Chapter 11 “To Riverdale and Back Again.” With Homecoming looming over the gang, tensions rise in the investigation of Jason Blossom’s murder. Archie and Veronica, unbeknownst to Betty and Jughead, team up with Alice Cooper to investigate FP Jones and any connection he might have to the murder or Hiram Lodge. Meanwhile, Cheryl begins to suspect her parents of some darker motivation in allowing Polly to stay in Thornhill. Feel free to leave comments, email us, and rate and review on itunes! Thanks!

Maple Syrup, Blood Money – Episode 11 “You All Need Tracking Devices”

Episode 10 “Combined Vocabulary Of A Baked Potato”

Noah and Kyle welcome you to the EPIC RAGER as they discuss Riverdale Chapter 10 “The Lost Weekend”. It’s Jughead’s birthday, but things rapidly get out of control as Cheryl and, the newly returned, Chuck Clayton crash the party. Relationships are tested, accusations fly, and sparks of passion become bonfires! Also, there’s a cheerleading dance contest for reasons. Feel free to leave comments, send us emails, tweets, and review us on itunes and other podcasting services!

Maple Syrup, Blood Money – Episode 10 “Combined Vocabulary Of A Baked Potato”

Episode 9 “Looking Extremely DILF-y Today”

After a short break Maple Syrup, Blood Money is back, and with a new logo! Noah and Kyle breakdown Chapter 9 of Riverdale, La Grande Illusion, where Archie must decide if selling out to the Blossom’s for his music is worth the cost, Veronica deals with the destruction and trauma caused by her father’s influence, and Betty and Jughead work to discover Polly’s motives and the dark secrets of Thornhill. Comments, emails, tweets, and reviews are more than welcome as always!

Also, Kyle has provided another RPG supplement: The Grunderbuss!

Plus! Polls! Cool Ranch VS Nacho Cheese! .gif VS .gif! Nana Rose’s Phylactery?

Maple Syrup, Blood Money – Episode 9 “Looking Extremely DILF-y Today”

Episode 8 “The Child-Snatching Blossom Monsters”

Join Kyle and Noah for a discussion on Riverdale Chapter 8 “The Outsiders”! Betty, Polly, and Veronica plan Polly’s baby shower as a means to bring the clashing Blossom and Cooper families together, while Archie, Jughead, Kevin, and Moose team up to help out Mr. Andrews when his construction crew bail. However as things go south, and Archie must delve into a den of scum to discover a dark truth. ALSO NANA ROSE IS A LICH! Feel free to send us an email, a tweet, or, even better, leave a review! Thanks for listening!

Jargie by Crazon

Maple Syrup, Blood Money – Episode 8 “The Child-Snatching Blossom Monsters”

Episode 7 “Crazier Than A Serial Killer On Bath Salts”

Noah and Kyle are joined by special guest Kat as they discuss Riverdale Chapter 7 “In A Lonely Place”. The search for Polly escalates to full-blown manhunt as both the Coopers and the Blossoms rally. Meanwhile, Veronica must deal her waning trust in her mother, and Jughead tries to reconnect with his father, FP Jones, with some help from the Andrews. As always, comments, questions, and reviews are more than welcome! Thanks for listening!

Maple Syrup, Blood Money – Episode 7 “Crazier Than A Serial Killer On Bath Salts”

Episode 6 “Long Tails And Ears For Hats”

Josie and the Pussycats take center stage as Kyle and Noah discuss Riverdale Chapter 6: Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill! Archie has to overcome stage fright, his fear of werewolves and/or werewolf masks, and being a total blockhead, Josie seeks the approval of her jazz musician father at the potential cost of her friends, and Betty and Jughead finally discover the truth about Polly and Jason. Thanks for listening and feel free to leave comments, email, tweets, and reviews!


Maple Syrup, Blood Money – Episode 6 “Long Tails And Ears For Hats”